Empower Kentucky Summit has ended

Kentuckians have made it clear that we want an energy future that supports jobs, health, equity and climate – and we have great ideas for how to bring that about. The Empower Kentucky Summit will be largest gathering ever of a diverse set of Kentuckians figuring out what it will take to bring about Kentucky’s Bright Energy Future. 

For the past year we’ve been listening to the ideas, hopes and needs of Kentuckians, learning from what other states have done, and tapping into technological and economic expertise to put together a draft plan for what’s possible, what it will take and why it matters for Kentucky to make a just transition to a clean energy economy 

If you’re interested in being part of a well-informed, creative, visionary, justice-oriented conversation about building the agenda for Kentucky’s energy future, join us September 30 – October 1 in Louisville.

Click here to register to attend! 

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Judi Jennings

Louisville Family Justice Advocates
Louisville, KY
Ask me to tell you all the good things about living in KY. Don't ask me about MItch McConnell.  He's outta there! . Ask me what is was like to work at Appalshop in the late 1980s. Ask me about feminist art for social change in KY. Louisville Family Justice Advocates works with families who have incarcerated loved ones in the Metro Jail. Let's talk about abolition.